6 web form builder alternatives to Google Forms

What is google forms?

Google forms allows you to create custom forms for surveys and questionnaires at no extra cost – all this online. You can also access the raw data and analyze it with Google Sheets or other software.

What is a form builder?

a form builder is web tool you use to create forms online. When we say “forms” we mean ones you can use online, published in your website or blog, as well as private ones you can use without sharing.

Using web forms is very common today and with a form builder you can create them yourself, with ease.  contact forms, survey forms, feedback forms, support forms, order forms, purchase forms, sign up forms, application forms -these are only a few examples of the forms you can create.

What alternatives are there to google forms?

There are. a few great alternatives to google forms. Remember that each tool is a bit different, containing different features and capabilities – so you need to check them out to decide which one suits you best.

1- Zoho Forms
One of the newest form apps comes from Zoho, the team behind so many popular apps for CRM, email, accounting, document editing, and much more.Their latest app, Zoho Forms, is a full-featured form builder that works with your existing Zoho account—and is deeply integrated with Zoho’s other apps. You can use form rules to create tasks and send emails from Zoho when forms are filled out, or used its integrations to add form data to Zoho CRM, Zoho Creator and more.As a form builder, Zoho Forms includes all the features you’d expect—drag-and-drop form fields, customizable themes, and field rules to route data and display conditional fields. Then, it’s built for teams, so you can work on form responses together. You can even approve form responses or view stats right from the Zoho Forms mobile app. With its Zoho Apps integration, it’s a great form option if your team already uses other tools from Zoho.

2- FormTitan
FormTitan is a powerful cloud based form builder tool for creating online web forms. It is so simple that in a matter of minutes you can create your form and start using it. It requires no programming skills – Titan does it all for you. FormTitan enables you to create an endless array of forms: contact forms, feedback forms, order forms, purchase forms, online invitations, surveys and polls etc. It is a great alternative to google forms.

3- FormLogix
The only online form builder that allows you to design your
form without any layout restrictions. Creating basic web forms without having to deal with their design. Adding dependencies to create a compound flow in the form. With FormLogix you can create an endless array of forms: Contact forms, Feedback forms Surveys, Online polls, Order forms Event registration forms etc.

4- Contact Form Generator
contact form generator
Contact Form Generator is a powerful form builder that enables you to easily create the most elegant forms in less than a minute. Create your own contact forms, feedback forms, online surveys or event registrations and get responses via e-mail.

5- Email me Form
This is a paid service which has lots of features such as easy drag and drop interface and can use various types of field types. You can also redirect the visitors to a custom message or a custom URL.

 6- 123ContactForm
123 contact form
Create contact forms or any other type of web forms for free with the HTML form builder. It is so simple to use, that only copy and paste skills are required.