Fabulous five alternatives to Formidable form builder

Need an online form builder?

If you need to create your own web forms – the form builder is the best tool for it. The form builder will allow you to create the form, design it, and track the entries. manage data, create reports and optimize the form for improved conversion.
Once your web form is done you can embed it in your website and have your visitors fill it in online.

What is the Formidable tool ?

Formidable is a paid tool which comes with drag-and-drop form building, simple layout classes, and visual styling, you can create completely custom forms in less time than you spend brewing your morning coffee. It allows users to easily create posts, pages, and custom posts types with your forms. 

Some Formidable alternatives

You may want to try these other alternatives to Formidble before making your decision. So here are 5 options:
1- 123ContactForm
Create contact forms or any other type of web forms for free with the HTML form builder. It is so simple to use, that only copy and paste skills are required.

2- FormTitan
FormTitan is a great online form builder tool for creating online web forms. It requires no programming skills whatsoever. It is so simple and powerful that in a matter of minutes you can create your form and start using it. FormTitan enables you to build many types of forms: contact forms, feedback forms, order forms, purchase forms, online invitations, surveys and polls etc. All this makes it a great Formidable alternative.

3- FormLogix
Another alternative is FormLogix. This form builder tool enables you to design your online forms without any layout restrictions. It’s simple drag and drop, WYSIWYG tool, that lets you create many types of forms and allows you to design your form with much flexibility.

4- Google Forms
Google Forms is one of the very best form tools since its free, and can link your form results to a Google Sheets spreadsheet for advanced analysis. It’s also incredibly fast—editing form fields in the Google Form editor is noticeably faster than using almost any other form app.

5- FormAssembly
Build, design, and manage web forms. Automate form creation and collect data across your organization while integrating with Salesforce, Salesforce Marketing Cloud (Exact Target), Google Apps, and more.