Formbakery 3 main alternatives

A simple form builder for online form creation

There comes a time when you need online forms. If you are at this stage you’ll be happy to know that it can easily be done using an online form builder.
This online web tool lets you create the form and design it. it also enables you to collect data entered in the form. The form options are many and include: , purchase forms, sign up forms, application forms, feedback forms, contact forms…etc.

So what exactly is Formbakery ?

Form bakery is a simple paid formbuilder tool for making simple and fast forms. All you have do is drag and drop elements you require in your form and it is ready. Its form engine will then generate code that is well crafted as if a human wrote it. It’s the kind of code you’ll be happy to use in your projects.

3 alternatives to Formbakery

Formbakery is a great tool but it is not the only form builder out there so if you find it is not exactly what you need – you can always look into these 3 alternatives:

1- Typeform
Typeform is a free online form builder which has lots of facilities for the users. All you have to do is to sign up with a free account and start building your form.

2- FormTitan
FormTitan is an online form builder tool for creating online forms. it’s very easy to use with drag & drop and requires no programming skills. You can create many types of forms with it, such as: order forms, contact forms, online invitations, feedback forms, purchase forms, surveys and polls etc.
This is our recommended alternative to Formbakery.

3- FormLogix
This tool is also recommended highly as an form builder. it is simple to use and lets you create all types of online forms. starting from simple contact forms and ending with complex surveys. FormLogix enables you to collect data as well as manage it and create reports.