Build web forms with Cognito Forms and its alternatives

What is a form creator?

The web form builder is a tool, available online, used for creating web forms to embed in your website or blog. It is a powerful tool to create any kind of form:  a survey form, a feedback form, a support form, an order form, a purchase form, a sign up form, an application form, or any other type of form. When the form is published you can  start using it and collect entries from your visitors. Each entry will send you the information in an email as well be stores for data management and analysis.

What is Cognito Forms form creator?

A free online form builder that helps you create HTML forms for your website. Create contact forms, registration forms, order forms, surveys, and more. If you need to collect data from your potential customers, and then sell your products to them – Cognito Forms just might be what you need—and for free. You can make detailed forms, with repeating sections that let you collect as much data as responders want to share. There’s calculated fields, file uploads, conditional logic, and more, all to help you make the advanced forms you need.As surprising as it may be, Cognito offers all of that for free. You can make as many forms as you want and collect up to 500 entries without paying anything. Then, you can add products to your forms and use them to sell your stuff, and Cognito will charge you just 1% of your sales price.

Does Cognito Forms have any alternative form builders we can use instead?

Apart from Cognito Forms there are several good form builders online. some form builders are more rigid, some more flexible. Some provide data management and some don’t. some have integrations and some not. All the features also vary from tool to tool. Lets check out a few alternative options for Cognito Forms:

1- TypeForm

Typeform is a free online form builder which has lots of facilities for the users. All you have to do is to sign up with a free account and start building your form.

2- FormTitan

FormTitan online form builer has an innovation conversion rate optimization (CRO) module which allows you to make your form perform better.
Create your web form by dragging elements on to your canvas, Choose one of our beautiful themes (or create your own) and Publish your online form. Easily build stunning landing pages with high conversion rates. Select a template, craft your message and you are done.
This option is by far the best Cognito Forms alternative.

3- MachForm
MachForm helps you create professional-grade forms with maximum compatibility. It works great on desktop computers or mobile/touch devices (iPhone, iPad, Android devices). The all new Form Builder allows you to create forms easily using drag and drop interface with no coding at all, Integrated with major payment providers (PayPal,, Stripe, Braintree). Within few clicks, you will be able to create online order forms and accept payments.

4- FormLogix
FormLogix web form builder enables you to create your online forms quickly and easily.
This form creator is not new- it has been around for a long time and is still relevant. It is the only online form creator that allows you to design your form without any layout restrictions. Dragging your elements where ever you want on the canvas. With FormLogix you can create an endless array of forms: Contact forms, Feedback forms Surveys, Online polls, Order forms Event registration forms etc.

 5- Gravity Forms
Gravity Forms allows you build and design your WordPress forms using the form editor. Select your fields, configure your options, and easily embed forms on your WordPress powered site using the built in tools. Gravity Forms isn’t just for entries. It can also create WordPress posts. It’s easy to build a form that creates WordPress Posts on your site. They’re perfect for user-generated content, directory listings and much more.