Integration of Online Forms with Salesforce

About Salesforce

Salesforce is a cloud-based solution for managing all interactions with your customers and prospects, designed to help your organization grow and succeed.
Salesforce works with objects and integrating means you need to connect with these objects. There are many objects – some are standard and some custom. for example: Accounts, Case, Activity, Document, etc.

form builder for Salesforce

Online form builders are very frequently integrated with salesforce -This is also called a Salesforce form builder, because these form builders enable you to create any type of form you want and integrate it with your salesforce account. There are many examples of how online forms can be integrated with Salesforce. here are the most common ones:
1- Web-to-Lead.
a way to automatically generate up to 500 leads per day with the prospecting data from your company’s website

2- web-to-case
a way to gather customer support requests directly from your company’s website and automatically generate up to 5,000 new cases a day with Web-to-Case

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Online forms for non-profit organizations

Since non profit organizations work for the better good and not for self profit, there are many online tools and platforms that support them by giving them discounts and even free licenses.
Form builders, which are really useful for non-profit organizations, allowing them to collect data through online forms, usually give about 15% discount to non profit organizations.
Salesforce, the best CRM solution, is another well known platform that gives discounts as well as 10 free licenses.
Seeing as the 2 platforms need to work together so the data will be synced, what you need to consider is finding a Salesforce form builder – which is a form builder that integrates well with Salesforce. One that has seamless connectivity and can Write in Salesforce objects as well as Read from them.
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Formsite Alternatives – 3 best options

The form builder does it all

contact forms, surveys and polls, online invitations, order forms – the form builder does it all.
There comes a time when you need online forms. If you are at this stage you’ll be happy to know that it can easily be done using an online form builder.
This online web tool lets you create the form and design it. it also enables you to collect data entered in the form. The form options are many and include: , purchase forms, sign up forms, application forms, feedback forms, contact forms…etc.

So what’s so good about Formsite ?

When it comes to selling stuff through a form, FormSite offers billing features that you won’t find in any other form app. In addition to integrating with Paypal and, you can directly accept credit card payments and even let customers pay by cheque. You’ll also find that it includes over 40 objects you can include in your forms, including an option to embed parts of a one form into another form. Its workflow features are also something you’ll find in few other apps: you can link multiple forms, bring responses from one form to another, and even combine results of your forms to view data together.Its form builder is a tad more complicated to use than many, but it makes up for that with core features that’ll let you do far more advanced things with your forms.

The best alternatives to Formsite

Formsite is a good form builder which you can create online forms with. If this tool is not exactly what you are looking for, be sure to look around at the alternatives:

1- wufoo
This is one of the most popular form builders. it is a paid tool for online form building. Wufoo’s Form Builder provides the tools for anyone to easily drag and drop an amazing form in just a few short minutes. Whether you’re a secretary or the resident IT ninja, it can help you collect data without writing a single line of code.

2- FormTitan
FormTitan is an online form builder tool for creating online forms. it’s  motto is “build, optimize and convert online forms” and that is exactly what it does. it is simple to use with drag & drop and requires no programming skills. You can create many types of forms with it, such as: order forms, contact forms, online invitations, feedback forms, purchase forms, surveys and polls etc.
This is our recommendation for the best alternative to Formsite.

3- FormLogix
This tool is also recommended highly as an form builder. it is simple to use and lets you create all types of online forms. From contact forms to complex surveys. FormLogix enables you to collect data as well as manage it and create reports.